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5 Best Restaurants in Durham, NC for Your Next Date Night

Durham is a city brimming with life and culture. One of the best ways to experience this southeastern gem is by feasting on the local cuisine. With over 250 restaurants scattered all across the city, your palate is in for a wild adventure! In this blog post, you’ll discover five of the most outstanding restaurants in the city where you and your date will undoubtedly enjoy a romantic meal!

1. Bleu Olive

If intimate is what you seek, then Bleu Olive is the spot to go. Offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine with an American twist, this cozy place has earned rave reviews from locals and visitors alike. The restaurant provides tasty dishes that will surely impress your date, including honey-glazed lamb, paella, grilled polenta, and fish plaki. There’s also a bar featuring bottles of fine wine to keep lovebirds satisfied all evening long. You’ll never be disappointed with the classy service and hearty food at this upscale establishment. 

Bleu Olive has carries fine wine, just like how your relationship blossoms overtime.

2. Vin Rogue

When it comes to Durham’s best restaurants, expect Vin Rogue to come out on top! This French bistro has been around for more decades and still draws couples from all over the city. Whether you want a light meal or an extravagant four-course dinner, this establishment will not disappoint. Pair that with the light ambiance and elegant table arrangements that guarantee an unforgettable night for you and your date. A must-try on their menu is the Sautéed Salmon Dijon and Shrimp Provencal. They also serve some of North Carolina’s finest roasts that strike your taste buds just right any time of day.

3. Cucciolo Osteria

Cucciolo Osteria is an award-winning restaurant known for its relaxing ambiance and beautifully plated food. This Italian eatery will be perfect for your date night with its elegant atmosphere, warm lighting, and savory dishes (including vegan options). Make sure you order local favorites, such as the Rustic Tuscan Pate, Italian salad, and Linguine Alla Carbonara. More importantly, never forget a gorgeous plate of chocolate torte to end things on a good note. Cucciolo Osteria may be a bit expensive, but it definitely delivers in terms of high-quality dining.

Cucciolo Osteria has vegan options if you prefer those kinds.

4. Viceroy

Durham’s finest diners won’t be complete without mentioning Viceroy. This restaurant speaks of affluence, offering high-end cuisine and live music every night. You’ll enjoy its shiny tables, intricate lights, and overall soothing atmosphere. The dishes taste otherworldly too! Don’t miss trying out their lamb chops with a side of bacon macaroni and cheese for dessert. To make things even better, the crew is known to be friendly and of course, professional in handling the service experience throughout the night. Dining at Viceroy will not only satisfy your culinary desires but will also impress that special someone you’ve been eyeing on.

5. St. James Seafood

There’s something about the seafood that makes this Durham eatery stand out from the rest. But before that, it’s worth giving props to the place’s refined setting. Feast your eyes on the graceful design, stylish ceiling, spherical bulbs, and all! You will certainly appreciate the attention to detail. Now for the food, everything’s cooked fresh. It’s like you can smell the sea straight from the aroma as the crew serves your dinner. If this doesn’t impress your date on your first night, it’s hard to find another restaurant that will!

Seafood just seems such a great choice today!

With hundreds of restaurants in Durham, coming up with the top five best is no easy task. But here you go. Make good use of this list and enjoy your date!

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